Support & Assistance

We work hard to support our military families. Below are details describing various programs that we have created to make your stay in our community more enjoyable.

Deployed Spouse Program

We understand that various circumstances can make it difficult to do certain tasks. If your spouse is deployed and you would like assistance to perform a few tasks, please call our Community Management Office and we will be happy to assist. Activities and events geared towards spouses and children of deployed service members are also available through the LifeWorks program.

Self Help Store

406 C. Ave Bldg. 3
8:30am – 5:00pm

In order to assist our residents with household tasks, we have established a Self Help Store. The Self Help Store provides equipment and supplies at no additional cost to residents. (Freedom Estates Office also carries some of these items - filters,  mowers, weed eater, etc.  500-4075)

Items may include: grass seed, top soil,bagged mulch, leaf rakes, spade shovels, lawn mower (manual), weed trimmers (electric), yard sprinklers (hose type), garden hoses, spray nozzles, HVAC filters, touch-up paint (resident to provide small container to transport),etc.